Two-Minute Take: BNY Mellon | Pershing INSITE

This year’s BNY Mellon | Pershing INSITE conference buzzed with modern innovation. Doug Fritz, Scott Lamont and Jaci Stanton, in attendance for F2, describe the vibe within the hall as highly positive as advisors networked and shared solutions.

As we often do after we attend an event, Jaci and Doug share an unbiased two-minute take on their Nashville experience:

Practical and Actionable

The information presented at INSITE was rooted in reality. Rather than show the future potential of AI or other technology, the technology presented was demonstrated through real circumstances. We enjoyed the format and hearing clients talk about real-world use cases. It left attendees with tools they could go back and implement immediately if they wished. As excited as the future of technology makes us, at F2, we like to recognize real solutions and the people using them.

Deepening Focus on Technology

Hot topics at the conference included user experience and organic growth, but more specifically, the technology behind them. Overall, we’re experiencing a broader trend at conferences that focuses intensely on technology. Whereas five years ago, conversations were a mix of technology and other topics such as investments, this year everyone wanted to talk tech. We discussed CRM implementation, marketing automation and much more with everyone asking “how do I do it?” and “what are the no regret investments?”

Organic Growth Cemented as Wealth Management’s Focus Area

INSITE might be the place where the concept of organic growth was cemented as the new focus area for the industry. For many, it’s uncharted territory. It’s not too bold to state that this will be the most important issue to solve over the next 12-24 months. Firms must establish new processes and systems to more authentically connect data and technology from prospect experience to client experience.

Two minutes wasn’t enough? Get in touch with Doug Fritz, Scott Lamont or Jaci Stanton for more about this conference.

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