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Scott Lamont
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Scott Lamont

Director, Consulting Services
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Scott Lamont is a director and head of the Consulting Services team at F2 Strategy. Scott’s experience ranges from front-end client/advisor technology to back office operations and accounting platforms, as well as data strategy. Scott leads a team of industry experts with experience across the full wealth management technology landscape who provide insights and guidance to clients based on experience and research.

Previously, Scott was CTO for the Private Banking division at Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), in addition to leading the application development teams for all Corporate technology (HR, Compliance and Treasury). He also spent more than ten years building, implementing and supporting technology for the Investor Services business at BBH. Scott lives in New York City.

Previous Experience
  • Brown Brothers Harriman Private Banking
  • Institutional Management and Investor Services
Up Close with

What are you most passionate about in your role at F2 Strategy?

Leading our team of experts and aligning them with clients who are looking for expertise – it’s exciting to see our team deliver great value for our clients, and our clients leverage that insight in making great decisions about their technology future.

What has changed the most since you started out in the industry?

In 1998, I didn’t have an email account when I started my career in Financial Services, and the most important tool for my job was a 10-key desk calculator. Today, email feels like the “old” way of communicating, and advanced technology that enables data analytics and decision-making opens up opportunities that my 10-key never could!

Predict the future—what do you think WealthTech will allow advisors to do in five years that they can’t do now?

Who knows?!?!? But I know it will be way beyond what they can do today, as we figure out how to better harness blockchain, machine learning, AI, V/R and countless other known, and unknown, technology innovations for the client/advisor engagement model and portfolio management capabilities. We have countless opportunities at our fingertips and need to continue challenging the status quo.

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