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Technology work is by no one’s surprise, technical. We know we can get in the weeds when discussing technological solutions and project workflows (we love this stuff!). But the technical work we do is the foundation for a great business. It’s important to us that people understand that we are, first and foremost, solving business challenges through technology.

As our director of OCTO, Dan Johnson says, “When it comes to technology – it’s only as good as the benefit it provides to the practice and the user. Don’t invest or use technology for technology's sake.”

The challenges our clients bring to us are complex, but they aren’t uncommon. We spend a lot of time during the initial phase of a project getting to the root of a client’s challenge and their ultimate goals for what they want to do. That helps us select the right solution rather than just any solution. And, it means our clients spend their technology budgets in the smartest possible way.

To illustrate how this works, we’ve developed a library of case studies that identify a client problem, give an explanation of our process and most importantly describe the value of that work and its outcome through the business lens—what they are able to do now that they couldn’t do before. Maybe they can offer clients something new such as decrease the time to move a prospect to a client, reduce manual tasks and work more efficiently or strengthen client relationships.

The eight areas we cover include:

Each case study is a bite-sized picture of a project and takes only a minute to read, but gives you an inside look at the benefits of working with a skilled technology consultant to ensure your project goes right.

View our first “How we solved it” story on Implementing an Alternative Investment System and reach out to explore how we can help you solve your challenges.

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