Implement an Alternative Investment System

The right alternative investment platform provides firms with the ability to automate manual workflows related to data aggregation, document management and data extraction required for tracking, analyzing and reporting on alternative investments and assets held away.


Recently, an RIA serving family offices and foundations had engaged with a new vendor to automate manual workflows aggregating alternative investment data and get data from unstructured sources into a normalized format for use in other systems and needed our implementation support and guidance. 

How We Solved It 

We helped develop business requirements and an integration plan to successfully implement a new platform. With our comprehensive approach, we completed data analysis, data mapping, testing and feedback with the vendor. We also compared newly-automated process data to manually-entered data to validate output as meeting requirements.   

Value Delivered

With an integrated platform producing normalized data integration, this RIA saved time and increased data quality that allows its team to perform other more critical functions as well as have deeper client conversations. They also have enhanced additional analytic and business intelligence capabilities to manage client portfolios and data.

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