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Dan Johnson
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Dan Johnson

Director, OCTO
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Dan Johnson is a director and head of the OCTO team at F2 Strategy. Dan is an industry leader when it comes to portfolio management systems implementation, investment performance conversions, centralized portfolio management and integrations with advisor-driven toolsets. Dan’s team of experienced experts offer custom all-in-one solutions to technology innovation strategy and implementation: consistently building exceptional end investor and advisor experiences for our clients. Previously, Dan was Head of Advisor Technology at Wells Fargo Private Bank for over 10 years along with executive roles in technology and program management. Outside of work, Dan is always coaching one of his four kids in sports and enjoys giving back to the community through his work at Urban Adventures in Minneapolis.

Previous Experience
  • Wells Fargo Private Bank
  • Operations and Investment Management Advisory Council
Up Close with

What are you most passionate about in your role at F2 Strategy?

Our clients are all about leaning into technology, which is exciting and unique for each client. They have different cultures and perspectives. No client is the same. It’s not just providing prudent and good council, we get stuff done and drive momentum within organizations.

Who or what inspires you in your job?

The ability to design the house and then build it.

What would you tell someone just starting out in the industry right now?

When it comes to technology – it’s only as good as the benefit it provides to the practice and the user. Don’t invest or use technology for technology sake.

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