F2 Strategy’s CEO Doug Fritz is a sought-after speaker and heads a large WealthTech executive research group within our firm.

If you are looking for speakers or panelists with WealthTech expertise, we’d would love to discuss Doug’s participation.

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Signature Talk #1

The Price Tag of Innovation

The chasm between our industry’s technology “have’s” and “have-nots” is expanding faster than ever. Firms know they should embrace a technology-first approach, but many wonder: what is the real price tag on innovation?

Doug Fritz will take firms through the valuation journey from the perspective of both M&A buyers and sellers to show audience members exactly how technology can lead to higher valuations – and lower risk. 

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Signature Talk #2

The Anatomy of a Bad Decision

In 2022, there is more pressure than ever for firms to invest in the right technology solutions. The race is on. On the other hand, this means risk is at an all-time high if they make the wrong decision. Loss of time, credibility and money is no longer an acceptable cost of doing business. Knowing how to make better decisions, and avoiding bad ones, is a skill few wealth executives have mastered.

In this signature talk, Doug Fritz uncovers some of the most common, most detrimental bad decisions firms often make – and how to avoid them. 

Signature Talk #3

Who Owns Your Data

The wealth management industry has turned a significant corner on WealthTech. Firms know that if they don’t embrace technology, they’ll fall behind. But what many don’t realize is this: a firm is only as valuable as its data. The question is, who owns yours?

Doug Fritz will walk you through the data journey; starting with knowing what you have access and control of, and how to use your firm’s data to build a foundation that will bring valued return. 

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Speaker Fees

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In-Person: $6,000

Virtual: $3,500

Travels from: San Francisco, CA

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