The Big Decision: Selecting a Wealth Platform for your Independent RIA

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The Data Edge
Unlocking growth and productivity in wealth management

Executive Summary

The modern landscape of wealth management is increasingly defined by the role of data. F2 Strategy research indicates that 80% of wealth management firms recognize the crucial role of data strategy in future success. Despite its critical importance, many firms struggle to build data and effectively leverage it, which hinders their ability to execute strategic priorities.

Several factors contribute to the complexity surrounding data in wealth management. Despite these challenges, the need for improved data management is universal across all stages of firm growth, from small to large. While each stage presents its unique struggles, all demand tailored solutions for sustainable growth. Failing to address data challenges can have significant repercussions. Many firms find the cost of doing nothing outweighs the cost of data investments.

Authored By

Jaci Stanton


Brad Jones

Senior Consultant, F2 Strategy