If you’re like most advisors, adjusting to the new socially-distanced reality has impacted many aspects of your practice—but none more than prospecting for new business. Gone are the days of social events and face-to-face meetings that drive new accounts. But in order to succeed, prospecting needs to remain a significant priority if you’re to win new clients today—and get new ones tomorrow. While the pandemic has put a strain on individual health and the global economy, at a business level it is preventing you from having precious face time with your prospects and clients. In addition, ever increasing competition requires you to “wow” clients and prospects in order to set yourself apart from the competition.

In this webinar, we present efficient and effective ways to set yourself up to win clients looking to make a change—and keep existing clients happy now and in the future. We examine the client lifecycle from relationship building to exploration to proposal to closed won and loyalty.

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