The Wealth Management CRM Landscape, Ranked

Jun 10, 2021

We’re all familiar with industry “ecosystem maps.” By now, there’s one that illustrates just about any industry’s technology providers. It’s very helpful that someone compiles all of the possibilities in one place. It gives advisors a starting point to identify the players as they begin to research new solutions for their firms. But, what if it provided more information than just a logo so that you could really narrow down who you wanted to know more about quickly? That’s where F2 comes in. We work with these tools every day, so we thought we could next level the traditional ecosystem map.

In this post, we took our knowledge of five popular CRMs wealth management firms are using today and ranked their performance in four categories: ease of user adoption, ability to customize the tool, whether it continues to innovate after you buy it or what you buy is what you get and finally, cost. It doesn’t necessarily mean we’re identifying the best all around CRM on the market, but rather helping you determine the best CRM for your needs. We want this ranking to reduce some of the time advisors need to spend on their initial due diligence because we’ve already done some of the research for you.

Use our helpful tool as you begin your CRM journey, and reach out if we can help you navigate the implementation process further.

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