From Legacy to Modern: Performance Reporting Systems Migrations (E-book)

In recent years, several causes, such as a sustained increase in merger and acquisition activity and legacy system upgrades, have led to more wealth management firms moving from old technology systems to robust new platforms. Amidst this flurry of activity, many questions have come up about the best ways to migrate systems quickly, while causing the least disruption to advisors and clients as firms find out selecting the right technology partner was only the first, and perhaps the easiest, step.

To ease this process, F2 Strategy recently used its extensive experience helping wealth management firms plan and execute these migrations to release a series of insight posts that breaks down four key components of a performance reporting systems migration. Those components are: strategic framework considerations, data conversion methodology decisions, hidden costs and opportunities and defining the minimum viable product vs the art of the possible. The posts were written to help answer critical questions and raise important considerations that might not be obvious from the beginning.

Now, this four-part series is available in a single downloadable e-book. We hope you’ll keep and use it as a reference guide as you navigate the migration process. We also encourage you to reach out if you need expert support at any point in your journey from strategic planning to vendor selection to implementation. 

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