What technology trend in wealth management is most closely tied to firm growth and advisor retention? Many industry observers would likely answer “digital” or “frictionless process automation.” However, there is a strong contender for any firm looking to grow assets and court (or keep) top advisors: Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) technology.

MyVest partnered with F2 Strategy to shed light on this trend so that they could define and sift through the nuances, drivers, frustrations, and best practices around discretionary portfolio management (DPM) programs. The research they’ve conducted includes interviews with wealth management and consulting firm executives as well as reviews of past analyses, plus F2 Strategy’s firsthand experience in reviewing DPM tools and deploying them to advisors. In this report, ‘Customization vs. Control in Wealth Management: Advisor Discretion Doesn’t have to be a Zero-Sum Game’ they unveil how broker-dealers, banks, and wirehouses should respond to the tension between advisor customization and firm-level control of portfolios.

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