White Paper: Bridging the Technology Gaps in Financial Planning and Investment Management Software

Feb 17, 2022

At no other point in the history of wealth management have advisors had more tools at their fingertips. As they implement new technology to provide more services and offer more ways to form client relationships, the demand for the next level of digital experience goes up. The result is that advisors always feel as if they are falling behind and are never able to catch up. Their technology, no matter how innovative at the moment they invested in it, is still missing the mark.

In a new white paper, “Bridging the Technology Gaps in Financial Planning and Investment Management Software”, we tackle the issues of how, why and what advisors can do about the challenges related to the implementation of technology solutions.

This paper focuses on what it means to deliver a comprehensive wealth management solution – financial planning and investment management – and the role technology solutions have played in supporting financial advisors.

Through surveys and interviews with advisors representing we explored:

  1. Where advisors experience pain points with the technology solutions currently available
  2. Why these pain points exist
  3. Future challenges
  4. How firms can implement better technology solutions

By understanding not just the obstacles, but their causes, advisors can more effectively leverage today’s solutions to deliver high-quality client experiences at scale, streamline operations and prepare for the demands of tomorrow.

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