The F2 Executives in Residence Program 

In technology transformation: Experience is important. We’re delighted to introduce a new innovation that delivers even greater experience to our clients and the industry.

Doug Fritz introduces the EIR Program.

Benefits to Residents

The F2 Strategy Executive in Residence (EIR) program is a platform designed to enable high-level wealth management technology and innovation executives to share their perspectives during career transitions or retirement.

These executives all have exceptional career experiences, skills sets and insights that are critical to the success of the industry. This program enables them to be relevant in new ways, connect with new firms and continue to drive change outside the traditional corporate full-time role structure​.

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Benefits to the Industry

As an industry, some of our most talented individuals have historically concentrated their knowledge within the four walls of a singular firm. The EIR program expands access to that knowledge and insight to many more firms and will help them change outcomes as well as accelerate transformation across the industry.

The program elevates the value that F2 Strategy brings to clients engaged in our strategy retainer engagements. Firms that stand to benefit most include: Private Equity, M&A, Executive Search and other consulting firms that need focused insights from well-known and credentialed sources working in conjunction with the exceptional execution and delivery teams already at F2 Strategy.

Meet Our Executives in Residence

If you are interested in becoming one of our Executives in Residence, please apply here.