You Built It; They Didn't Come—Strengthen Your User Adoption

The right insights and guidance can accelerate adoption of your technology and ensure your digital platform is used to its fullest potential, users see the benefits of fully embracing the system and you maximize your Return on Technology Investment.


A mid-sized RIA focused on innovation found that they needed a new way to drive adoption of their new digital client portal and they asked us for solutions.  

How We Solved It 

We developed training and communications programs as well as provided guidance on best practices. To find the right match for their users, we evaluated potential digital adoption tools, video options and knowledge base solutions. Finally, we defined metrics to measure their success and showed them how to use the data to drive adoption and results.  

Value Delivered

With a focus on the client experience as an extension of the in-person experience with the advisor, the RIA increased adoption and exceeded their clients’ digital expectations which strengthened their advisor-client relationships.

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