Unlock the Value of Financial Planning Tools

A comprehensive financial planning process can lead to stickier relationships with investor clients.


A hybrid broker-dealer/RIA wanted our support as they developed the financial planning aspect of their business. The RIA was a new business unit and they were in the process of developing a comprehensive wealth management platform. They wanted to find the best approach to developing their offering using current tools and wanted guidance on how to unlock value from the tools and deliver financial planning from a business perspective.  

How We Solved It

Our support helped the hybrid broker-dealer/RIA understand the financial planning process from beginning to end. We asked and answered critical questions that the new business unit could use to drive decision making, such as “what is the value proposition?”, “what can be done with existing tools?”, “how can they maximize the value of a specific tool?”, and “what does it take to implement new financial planning technology?”  

Value Delivered

At the end of the project, the hybrid broker-dealer/RIA had a more comprehensive financial planning process, supported by the right technology. The process will lead to stronger client relationships, client retention, and unlock opportunities to expand those relationships.

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