Tell a Better Story Through Effective Client Reports

What does your team think of your current reporting tools? How do they use them and feel about the related processes? Knowing this can help you identify opportunities for reporting improvement.


Recently, we supported a large RIA with a focus on financial planning that saw its report usage and satisfaction was low. Their teams were not using reporting tools or happy with the output. Plus, the design, layout, and content did not have a good flow; the structure was clunky; and the reports were confusing for their clients.

How We Solved It

We conducted an independent analysis of current reports including an advisor assessment and net promoter score survey, known as voice of the advisor and analyzed report usage to understand reporting needs and identify improvements. The information gained in this effort allowed us to develop report packages that address various client segments – snapshots to full detailed reports. With a comprehensive rollout plan, we collaborated with operations and compliance teams to establish who would create the news reports going forward. The final step was to train the team on report contents and how to speak intelligently about and understand data behind the report. The live training sessions were recorded and saved on the Intranet for current and new advisors.  

Value Delivered

The newly configured report elements better meet clients’ needs and tell the story the RIA wanted to communicate to clients. Because inaccurate data was cleaned up, clients can have more trust in reports and the easier-to-use reports enabled advisors to easily distinguish what was in the report and which was best for specific clients.

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