Strategically Plan Your Technology Investment

A comprehensive technology roadmap facilitates more effective implementation of systems that deliver a profitable client experience


An RIA with $4 billion in assets under management historically underspent on technology, leaving it with an immature platform with bifurcated data, limited integrations and no digital experience. The firm was uncompetitive and client revenue suffered. It needed a comprehensive roadmap to modernize the technology stack with a clearly articulated execution plan in a calculated sequence to facilitate a more effective and profitable client experience and achieve its fee revenue goal of $100 million.

How We Solved It

For three months, F2 Strategy partnered with the firm to paint a clear picture of what the industry is doing and provide an unbiased perspective on where the firm is on and off track. We developed a long-term vision that focused on the technology and capabilities the firm needs to amplify business outcomes. We also conducted a comprehensive evaluation of their vendors and recommended a clear path on how and when to eliminate or switch.

The Value

The new multi-year technology roadmap with clear definition in scope, costs and impact is driving alignment among executives and advisors. They now have guidance on their technology investments and can make the right strategic decisions on when to buy, build or outsource capabilities to optimize outcomes for the firm. Additionally, the RIA is benefiting from cost savings on renegotiated contracts, elimination of duplication and streamlined client experience. All of these benefits help support an increase in its private equity valuation.

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