Optimize Your Reporting System

Reports are only as good as the system they’re generated on. When that system breaks down, and makes your reports worthless or untrustworthy, you have a problem.


A multi family office advisory serving UNHW family office and foundation clients came to us with some complex reporting needs. The way the reports were coded and configured created inaccuracies in report data, rendering the reports unusable.

How We Solved It 

We worked closely with a stakeholder Portfolio Manager who provides insight into needs. Through deep dive working sessions, we dug into the story they were trying to tell with the reports and gained an understanding of the process.  That allowed us to develop a process driven design with significant behind-the-scenes configuration. We modified their asset classification mapping and schema and added new attributes to reports, custom user defined fields, and grouping in the system to align to the structure. Finally, we trained the internal team to manage, design and build reports directly in the system in-house. 

Value Delivered 

As a result of our efforts, the multi family office was able to use the reports, gain more efficiency in creating reports for client meetings, attained higher client satisfaction with the data presented, and became able to quickly create and fix reports in house. They also benefited from the reduced time to prepare reports for client meetings; a process that went from a few days to a few hours because the build process was easier with defined goals.

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