Optimize Your Platform

Eliminating legacy platforms and manual processes can help you truly get the most out of your portfolio management platform.


When a large RIA decided it was time to rework its disjointed and inefficient portfolio management process that had become bogged down by operations overhead, highly manual processes and data from multiple sources, they called us for help.  

How We Solved It

Our thorough analysis of the current state uncovered clear pain points and made it possible for us to identify the opportunities to improve. After the analysis we took several more actions to complete the project. We adopted new ways of doing things – moving from SMA to UMA, designed ports within the UMA, conducted a vendor analysis and selected the right match, enacted a project plan conversion and implemented the new system, ultimately enabling the new capability of UMA.

Value Delivered

The RIA condensed its operational tasks and automated portfolio management functions which reduced portfolio management servicing functions from hours to minutes. Thanks to the time savings and operational efficiency, the firm’s advisors have more time to spend on revenue generating activities.

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