Migrate Your CRM to the Cloud Seamlessly

CRM systems can be complex and require attention to detail to make them effective tools.


A hybrid RIA-broker/dealer sought our support as they moved from an outdated  on-premise CRM system to a modern integrated cloud platform.

How We Solved It

We started with a complete vendor analysis and needs assessment, a process that typically includes an analysis of business needs, user persona identification, and data needs, and moves into current and future workflow analyses. Once the analysis was complete, we implemented a full data migration, and CRM configuration process in parallel with an organization data strategy project.  Our CRM migration process concludes with testing, training and a BAU transition plan for ongoing maintenance and support. 

Value Delivered

Once the CRM migration was complete, this hybrid RIA-broker/dealer had a modern, more effective CRM platform that was highly integrated with data architecture and marketing tools.

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