Know Whether to Build or Buy Your Direct Indexing Platform

Is it smarter to build a platform in house or partner with a vendor? Every case is different, but the answer becomes much clearer when you know the current state of your platform and what options you have to improve it.


A large regional bank approached us after their acquisition of a bank with a nascent in-house direct indexing capability. They didn’t know what it would take to bring the acquired DI business to enterprise scale and standards; and this, whether they should build in-house or partner with an outside vendor.

How We Solved It 

We conducted a full scale analysis to understand the current state capabilities. We compared the bank’s current product to several market leaders and identified what work would be needed to bring it to enterprise scale and make the product competitive in the market. Additionally, we conducted a full analysis of their options: build internally or partner with a platform provider and included the business case for both. After the analyses we gave our recommendation for the best way forward. 

Value Delivered

As a result of our detailed analyses, the bank gained a clear understanding of what they had acquired, the problem statement, and potential paths forward, which allowed them to make an informed decision that was in alignment with their overall strategy and the best interests of their business.

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