Gain a 360 Client View

What are the most important things for your CRM users to see on a single page that would give them the most relevant information about a client household?


Capturing those requirements from your CRM users allows you to configure a custom, 360-degree household view. Recently, a large RIA’s CRM users were frustrated by having to navigate to multiple systems to access disjointed client information. 

How We Solved It 

To improve the situation for the CRM users, we defined requirements to bring critical client demographic, account, and portfolio information into the CRM. From there, we designed and developed a custom page within Salesforce to access the data in a single view. 

Value Delivered

Thanks to our efforts, this RIA’s advisors can access critical client information in a single view; saving time and improving both the client and advisor experience.

Gain a 360 client view. Contact us to design your digital client journey.