Expertly Select a Trust Accounting System

Skillfully creating a request for proposal (RFP) can ensure the success or failure of a technology implementation. Requirements that are too vague may result in an inadequate solution. Requirements that are too detailed and restrictive may limit innovation.


A large regional bank merger wanted to ensure they got it just right as they navigated combining two different core trust accounting platforms into either one of the incumbent platforms or a third new platform.  

How We Solved It 

Our full scale approach included developing a comprehensive RFP, Identifying potential vendors, creating demo use case scenarios and a schedule. We distributed the RFP to four vendors covering five different solutions. Using our defined scoring methodology, the assessment team analyzed RFPs and demonstrations. Our final step was to narrow the selection for deep dive discovery and make a final recommendation to firm leadership.  

Value Delivered

With the merger of two mid-sized banks, resources were focused on other strategic activity. Using the F2 Strategy team to run the entire RFP process and vendor selection on its behalf and support the subsequent implementation allowed the bank merger to make progress on critical systems upgrades despite internal team time constraints.

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