Evaluate Your Third-Party Reporting Services

It can be hard to know for sure whether it's better to outsource reporting functions or keep them in house.


When a mid-sized, well established RIA wanted to fix a data aggregation and reporting process that was inefficient and dependent on a single individual, they came to us. We helped them look at ways their reports could be updated and enhanced

How We Solved It 

Our first step was to evaluate their current workflows, reports, and vendor options so that we could provide an outside objective perspective of current data and reporting. From there, we recommended outsourcing data aggregation and reconciliation to a third-party service provider. Finally, we completed a deep dive analysis of the state of their historical portfolio and account performance data.  

Value Delivered

The new approach enabled this RIA’s internal team to focus on core competency value add activities. With upgraded reporting they could de-risk current processes and positioned the firm to more easily migrate to a new system in the future.

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