Create a Culture Where Data is an Asset

A proprietary data layer can normalize information from various sources and distribute it across your advisor tools, client portals and dashboards.


A national hybrid RIA aggregator with $6 billion of assets under management had a vision to lead the hybrid industry in automation and efficiency but needed our support to create a centralized data platform to support its mission.  

How We Solved It

F2 Strategy partnered with the firm’s CTO on a 12-month project to transform their data architecture while maintaining exceptional client and advisor service along the way. The work began with strategic meetings and yielded a clear vision that allowed our experts to pinpoint gaps and required changes. From there, we fixed underlying systems (CRM), stood up a data strategy and governance committee, supplemented vendors, and built the integrations and framework.  

The Value

The resulting robust operating model is now used to optimize the advisor and client experience. Advisors enjoy a truly integrated ecosystem that leverages “one source of truth” across multiple systems limiting mistakes, redundancies and manual support. Additional benefits the firm reaps include faster billing, a reduction in vendor licensing costs and operational costs as well as real time visibility into the health of business and an increase in firm valuation.

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