Build a Breakaway Tech Transition Plan

There are a lot of considerations when breaking from a parent company and technology has to be at the top of the list.


Recently, a breakaway RIA needed to build certainty around its technology and infrastructure transition plan. They asked us to analyze the plan, identify ways to mediate risks and opportunities to accelerate the plan and in parallel, evaluate what the portfolio product could look like in the future.

How We Solved It

Through our analysis of the breakaway process, post-breakaway product enhancements and the technology investment needed to expand product capabilities, we designed both product and technology roadmaps that included data, capabilities and more. We defined a two to three-year agile approach technology and product roadmap.

Value Delivered 

This analysis gave clear direction to all levels of the firm from the Board of Directors to senior leaders to project teams for implementing the plan to breakaway and actionable guidelines of what it will take to expand their product to meet their vision. It also provided a third-party view that could challenge internal assumptions and help increase odds of success.

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