Automate Your Proposal Generation

Automating your manual proposal generation process can save time, and also create better on-brand and compliant proposals.


Recently, a large bank wealth management firm that manually generated investment proposals wanted our help in implementing a modern approach. Its lengthy and error prone process of manual data entry into a spreadsheet that calculates investment fees, modeled asset allocation, and analyzed risk tolerance led to proposals that differed from team to team and were not on brand or compliant. 

How We Solved It

We worked closely with the operations and advisory teams to define proposal requirements, evaluated vendors. With that planning information in place, we selected and implemented a proposal generation system tool that automatically generates analytics for risk, fees, and asset mix and creates consistent, branded and compliant proposals.

Value Delivered

By eliminating the manual data entry, the firm immediately began saving time and reducing errors in calculations and dramatically decreased the time to get a proposal to a client. All proposals are now marketing and compliance approved, presentable polished pieces. Advisors are happy to deliver an elevated and consistent experience.

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