Automate Your Lead Capture

A CRM is only as good as the data in it, and entering and maintaining data is an often inefficient use of your team’s value time.


A large RIA found themselves in this exact situation and wanted to automate the data entry of leads into their CRM from an outdated manual process.

How We Solved It

Our expert guidance helps automate the collection and population of prospect data from multiple sources into your CRM, shortening the lead to client timeline. Imagine that when a prospect downloads a white paper on your website, subscribes to your newsletter, or visits a landing page via a social media marketing campaign, their name and email address automatically flow into the CRM to be captured as a lead. To make it a reality for this RIA, we first defined requirements and workflows and then mapped data fields between two systems through APIs in order to integrate their marketing software with their CRM.  

Value Delivered 

The automated flow of prospect data from their marketing software eliminated the manual work and enabled staff to focus on more value-add activities.

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