Case study

Quick and Steady

Rapidly Growing Mid-size RIA Needing Technology Capabilities & Leadership


Firm has seen tremendous growth. That growth has put pressure on the combination of technology tools they put together initially, and it has become clear that they need more of a technology presence in both leadership and capabilities.

The two streams:

New clients for existing advisors
New advisor teams joining the firm

Value Delivered


Engaged in a short-term assessment of the platform.


Delivered plan with both tactical steps to ensure stability and effectiveness of the current platform while also building out and implementing new tools recommended as part of the strategic solution.

  • Focus on technology components that are critical to the stability of a platform as it continues to grow. Areas like data governance and cyber security are critical to the stability and security of a technology platform, but they also allow for easier implementation of new tools that are aimed at improving the advisor and client experience.
  • Help make decisions about what new tools the firm really needs. There are so many options for fancy new rebalancers, planning tools, workflow engines with Machine Learning and AI capabilities – what is right for the firm and what fits to the platform they have already constructed is often hard to assess, and we helped our client pick the right set of tools to enhance their platform without over complicating it.


Technology Roadmaps
RFP, Vendor Selection & Contracting
Sales Pipeline Strategy & Automation
Marketing, Messaging & Social Selling
Content Development, Distribution & Reporting
Innovating Digital Client Interactions
Automating Investment & Operations Processes
Maximizing Data Assets


The firm’s continued business growth was successful and stable, in part thanks to a stable technology platform supported by a technology organization that relied on a team structure and policies rather than individuals. With a form of data governance and strategy in place, the firm was able to add exciting new tools to their platform, which enabled their advisors to offer more to clients and prospects, as well as attracting new advisors to the platform.

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