Case study

Small Fish in a Big Pond

Building a Meaningful Private Client Business at a Large Financial Institution


Business had the opportunity to leverage the brand, operational and technical platform as a base to build and grow a meaningful private client business but did not have the organizational support and technical leadership to create, champion and implement a strategic roadmap that delivers a best-in-class solution.

Leverage the brand
Build and grow technical platform
Implement strategic roadmap

Value Delivered


Engaged in an assessment of the existing platform to understand the current client base, advisor base, investment strategy and existing technology platform.

Technology Roadmap

With the assessment complete the roadmap was developed consisting of recommendations for new projects filling noted technology gaps and based on the strengths of the organization, the value they bring to clients, what sets them apart from others in the industry and what we learned about their history of, and willingness to engage in, technology projects.

From there, four different unique plans were created to focus on key components identified as critical areas to be addressed:

Digital client experience
Automated account opening
Proposal generation
Advisor desktop


Technology Roadmaps
RFP, Vendor Selection & Contracting
Sales Pipeline Strategy & Automation
Marketing, Messaging & Social Selling
Content Development, Distribution & Reporting
Innovating Digital Client Interactions
Automating Investment & Operations Processes
Maximizing Data Assets


Our client’s advisor technology platform, and the tools available to their clients, were significantly improved, leading to both a more satisfying client experience, which improves client retention and increase the percentage of new business opportunities won. In addition, the advisors’ efficiency increased, which allows them more time to focus on value-add activities for their clients and their new business pipeline. Finally, the operations teams, armed with more digital tools such as account opening automation and electronic signature capabilities, were able to handle more volume without increasing headcount while also reducing processing errors.

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