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Mike Betz
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Mike Betz

Senior Research Manager
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Mike is senior research manager at F2 Strategy. As a scientist, artist, connector, and storyteller, Mike is on a mission to help wealth managers supercharge their firms by harnessing data, optimizing technology, and understanding human behaviors. With nearly two decades of broad wealth management experience, Mike takes great joy in sharing his curiosity and creative energy to solve the tough problems, often in non-traditional ways. Mike and his wife reside near Minneapolis. He can often be found tinkering on projects in his shop, jamming on a guitar, spending time with their three “house dogs” and globetrotting off the beaten path in search of culture and adventure. To help pass the long midwestern winters, Mike channels his love of dogs into professional mid-distance dogsled racing and has been a pro musher for the past 15 years.

Previous Experience
  • SS&C Advent
  • Affiance Financial
  • Orion Advisory Board
  • AdvisorNet Financial
Up Close with

What are you most passionate about in your role at F2 Strategy?

I love discovering new technologies, learning about new ways of using technology, the integration of technology and behaviors, and then sharing that knowledge through myriad channels.

What excites you most about the WealthTech industry right now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has done more to accelerate the adoption of digital experiences and personalized wealth management advice than any other event in history. As a result, every wealth management firm also needs to be a technology firm because clients and the digital revolution demand it.

What would you tell someone just starting out in the industry right now?

Working “within” a firm or being an advisor is not the only career path with tremendous upside opportunity; there is immense demand for high caliber individuals that can work “on” the business, both operationally and strategically. For instance, the role of the CTO has become critically important as every advisory firm works to expand their digital capabilities.

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