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Lisa Asher
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Lisa Asher

Manager, Consulting Services
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Lisa is a manager on F2 Strategy’s Consulting Services team. In this role, she assists RIAs and Broker-Dealers in leveling up their digital client experiences and understanding where the market is headed next. Lisa honed her skills supporting decision makers by providing comparative analyses on the electronic payments industries in US, EU and LATAM markets. Her drive towards helping others led to a transition to the wealth management industry where she earned the CFA® Charterholder designation and worked as a portfolio manager and business analyst within RIAs and Fintech firms. Most recently, she jumpstarted the growth of XY Investment Solutions.

Previous Experience
  • XY Investment Solutions
  • Clearnomics
  • Fragasso Financial Advisors
  • First Annapolis Consulting
Up Close with

What excites you most about WealthTech?

I’m encouraged by how WealthTech has opened up wealth management services to so many who are in need of sound advice – that’s every person who transacts in society, not just the traditionally wealthy. I’m excited about how the breadth and depth of wealth management services will continue to meet and exceed the needs of those underserved through advances in technology. The team at F2, through our client engagements and research, are steadily removing obstacles to move the industry along faster.

What would you tell someone just starting out?

Advice requires context. You’ll receive advice and guidance from too many sources – from long conversations with workplace veterans to short and snappy LinkedIn posts. Sometimes it will even be conflicting! However, you are the expert in “you” and have the knowledge and power to discern what advice you employ for your life’s journey.

Predict the future—what do you think WealthTech will allow advisors to do in five years that they can’t do now?

This may be a bit of a stretch, but I’m hoping financial advisors will be able to, in some way, disrupt the personal real estate industry and open up accessibility to home ownership for more people.

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