And so it begins!

F2 Strategy started because I saw a specific need in the wealth management industry: Excellent, experienced guidance in transforming how clients work with advisory firms. 

Very few of our peers would argue that the industry is at an inflection point: The outside world of technical innovation, mobile engagement and real-time services like Uber and Amazon have re-set client expectations.  Clients now expect the same delight and frictionless experiences from their financial institutions as well. They expect to have their portfolio management team predict their needs and wants and to deliver it to them without passwords, downloads or ink and pen. 

For years, advisory firms felt safe knowing that their historic peer group (other advisors) were as behind-the-times as they were.  We felt that real disruption would never wash up on our shores because, really…. How could a computer ever manage client portfolios as well as a human?! 

Over the coming months, I am going to write about different aspects of innovation.  This blog will entertain and educate across areas pertinent to asset management, challenges we are facing and ways we can start to meet client expectations without firing all of our people and trusting algorithms and web services. 

I hope you enjoy it.

Doug Fritz

Amanda Brown