Behind the Scenes with our Chief Marketing Officer, Liz Fritz

A Millennial | Mom of Toddlers | Marketing Entrepreneur

What’s it like to start a new business and balance two toddlers? We recently sat down with our Chief Marketing Officer, Liz Fritz, to learn more about what a typical day looks like for a working mom and new entrepreneur.

A day in the life of our Chief Marketing Officer, Liz Fritz

A day in the life of our Chief Marketing Officer, Liz Fritz

Liz Fritz, 35, is a former wealth management marketing executive who recently joined her husband, Doug Fritz, at F2 Strategy – a wealth management technology and marketing strategy firm. Liz creates and launches marketing and content programs for her clients with the goal of increasing practical advisor productivity and perfecting go-to-market strategies. With over a decade of integrated communications and marketing experience in the HNW/UHNW space and management consulting, she felt ready to make the leap into entrepreneurship.


On a good day, I usually wake up around 5:30 to enjoy a cup of coffee and catch up on emails before our boys (ages 3 and 4 years) wake up at 6:20 on the dot. On the dot, exuberantly shouting GREEN LIGHT! Parents that have worked toddlers through sleep training will know the importance of the green light.


Somewhere between breakfast, dropping the boys off at school, catching up on texts, voicemails and emails, I do my best to find time to move my body. I recently discovered Pilates and, after years of chronic lower back pain amplified by a corporate lifestyle, has helped me tremendously. And then it’s time to jump into meetings and project work that can include client journey mapping, content marketing, social selling, go-to-market strategies and brand positioning for companies that need a refresh. I like to mix up my meeting style after years of seeing the inside of a conference room. If my client is local, I usually suggest a walk and talk or meet up at a museum or new coffee shop to get the creative juices flowing.

The real F2 Strategy #nextgen

The real F2 Strategy #nextgen


If lunch isn’t with a client then I’m usually grabbing a juice or salad on the go.


Doug and I are building this company together, so we do our best to stay connected during the afternoon with texts and quick phone calls since we are usually running in opposite directions at this point. I also carve out time for running the business activities, which includes becoming an expert in not only marketing strategies but also QuickBooks, Mint, payroll, HR, budget, time tracking, invoicing and CRM maintenance.  

Liz and Doug Fritz - Founders of F2 Strategy

Liz and Doug Fritz - Founders of F2 Strategy


As evening approaches, I wrap up calls, pick the boys up from school, grab any last-minute groceries and turn back into mom and wife for a few hours. I really focus on being present for my boys and put work aside. If I do take calls, it’s quick and there is a new understanding that if you need me after 5pm there will be family noises in the background. And that’s ok. Then it’s a dance for us to juggle dinner, bath and bed for the boys while also cleaning up the house, which usually looks like we got robbed by toddlers and shedding dogs at the end of every day.


Once the boys are asleep, Doug and I spend an hour or two catching up on the day’s activities, checking in on priorities and aligning schedules for the next day. Then I log back in to finish up any remaining project work or emails that built up during mom / wife time and try to get some sleep before a toddler wakes up needing water or really any other excuse they can come up with to get out of bed.

The Wrap Up

To sum everything up, the best yet sometimes hardest part of running our own business is very simple: We own our own time. 

We work all of the time but also get to be present all of the time. We take as many vacation days as we want, except they are all unpaid - and we share the corner office but it has the occasional toddler running through it. However, amidst the organized chaos of my daily life, I get to collaborate and execute on projects that I love with passionate people, spend time with my family on my own terms and solve new innovative problems every day.

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F2 Strategy founders and our #nextgen in Bolinas, California.

F2 Strategy founders and our #nextgen in Bolinas, California.

Liz Fritz